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Hello, I am a 31 year old man, with excellent health and normal working and sporting activity (I have never suffered from serious problems). About 3 months ago, I began to feel a tingling, now more and more persistent, to the testicles, occasionally accompanied by mild pain. At the same time and suddenly, I noticed a permanent erectile dysfunction (it is highlighted every time I try to have relationships and also with autoerotism), with problems reaching an erection and keeping it in some positions. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed (by ultrasound ultrasound) of a 2/3 degree left-sided varicocele. The pain has intensified, even if it is not too strong, and also erectile dysfunction is not passing. Can a 2/3 ° varicocele lead to a sudden erectile dysfunction? I’m on the list for varicocele surgery, could I fix erectile dysfunction after I have removed it? The various consulted specialists assert that there is no relationship between varicocele and erectile dysfunction, but the fact remains that, in my case, the symptoms of varicocele, its diagnosis and erectile dysfunction, occurred at the same time. Thank you.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

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Dear User, personally, I agree with those who say that the coexistence of erectile dysfunction with varicocele is only random. I ask you if a first-level diagnosis has been made to frame the sexual discomfort, evaluating the hormonal structure and, possibly, the vascular balance necessary for a good maintenance of erections. Best regards!