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Sildenafil citrate

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Film-coated tablets

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What is Lady Era?

Lady Era (sildenafil citrate) is an oral drug used in women with manifested disorders related to the sexual desire and the ability to derive satisfaction from their sexual experiences. The drug belongs to a group of medicines called “phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5)”; the substance works by blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterase which normally reduces the levels of a substance called cyclic GMP (cGMP). By blocking the degradation of cGMP, drugs from this class keep the sexual function more solid and longer, but sexual stimulation is still required to produce an erection in males and clitoral erection in females; the daily formulation is used in women to ensure the coverage of the drug constantly, rather than as needed.

The attempt at world level is to use these drugs for preventive purposes, and in this case we also try to verify the effect on the circulation and on the female genital tissues: the goal of taking Lady Era is to be able to envisage a longer and more satisfying sexual health and a better quality of life.

How long does it take for female Viagra to work?

The response window of sildenafil used as the active substance in Lady Era is estimated at 60 minutes, but in the majority of patients the effects can be felt already 40 minutes after the intake. Taking the drug on an empty stomach speeds up the onset of health benefits. Continued use of Lady Era also decreases the response time.

What does Viagra do to a woman?


In women with decreased sexual desire, difficulty to reach orgasm or complete anorgasmic states, Lady Era is the first-line defense against the dysfunctional patterns in sexual responses. Taken regularly, the drug can help eliminate the issues in the long run; but even when taken occasionally, sildenafil can:

  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • create the right mood for sexual activity
  • promote sexual desire
  • increase blood circulation in the genitals
  • help overcome the problem of vaginal dryness
  • fight dyspareunia symptoms
  • boost libido in post-menopausal syndrome
  • facilitate orgasm achieving
  • promote general satisfaction with sexual experiences

Female Viagra effects

Sildenafil contained in Viagra and Lady Era stimulates sexual desire, as it acts directly in the nervous system of the genitals. It promotes blood circulation, increases blood pressure and facilitates blood circulation. As a result you feel fit and secure in bed. The relaxing effect of Lady Era also has a positive effect on sexual life.

How to take Lady Era?

Lady Era, otherwise referred to Female Viagra, works best when taken before the sexual activity. Taken daily, sildenafil exerts and accumulative effect that becomes more significant with every consecutively taken tablet. Thus, when a tablet of Lady Era 100mg is taken on a day when sexual activity is planned, its health outcomes are maximal. Take the drug 40-60 minutes before the expected activity. Wash the pill down with a sufficient amount of water; avoid taking grapefruit or pomelo fruits or juice when taking sildenafil.

How effective is Lady Era?

Unlike the male, Female Viagra is not a drug that helps fight erectile dysfunction, it is a remedy that, using the synergistic action of its active ingredients, stimulates the receptors destined to awaken the libido, helping a woman letting go, enjoying multiple orgasms and forgetting the anxiety usually felt during the intimate activity.

The decline in female sexual desire is given by the combination of mental and physical factors and, in the event that the so-called “pink pill” fails to solve the problem, it is necessary to change one’s couple habits, perhaps following a psychological therapy with the partner or by identifying the pathology that causes the disappearance of the libido. In all cases, it would be good to talk to your doctor, to shed light on the problem.

Side Effects


Lady Viagra is reported to cause the following side effects:

  • headache
  • stomach upset
  • nasopharynghitis
  • facial flushing
  • nausea
  • skin rash
  • changes in color perception
  • muscle aches
  • ringing in the ears

This list is not complete. The side effects of Lady Era mentioned above are usually fleeting and disappear with the continued use of the drug; if they persist or aggravate, consult your doctor; an adjustment of the dose can be required. Note that taking Lady Era alongside with meals can decrease the manifestation and intensity of sildenafil side effects.

Seek medical help immediately if you experience one of the following severe Lady Era side effects:

  • pain in the chest or arm
  • swelling of the face, lips
  • irregular heartbeat
  • loss of vision
  • severe allergic reactions
  • fainting

Is Lady Era FDA approved?

Sildenafil is not approved for the use in women in the US. However, multiple studies have shown the efficacy of the drug in improving the quality of sexual life in women with diabetes and healthy female population. In women with type 1 diabetes it is possible to find an increase in sexual dysfunction, mainly due to the effects that the disease has on peripheral vascular circulation. A trial conducted by Caruso and collaborators of the University of Catania sought to determine whether the daily intake of PDE5 inhibitors is effective with pre-menopausal diabetic women suffering from genital arousal disorder. Thirty-three volunteers were given this drug for 12 weeks.

The aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of daily PDE5i use on sexual genital excitation, desire, orgasm, pleasure and frequency of sexual activity, and also on the presence or absence of genital pain; these variations were subjectively assessed through a questionnaire and objectively through an echo-color-doppler of the blood flow in the clitoris. Furthermore, the improvement of the quality of life was evaluated. The thirty-two women who actually completed the course report an improvement in the quality of life at week 12. Using the drug would seem to improve the experience of genital sexual arousal and orgasm, sexual pleasure, satisfaction and frequency of sexual activity and fantasies. Finally, there has been a reduction in dyspareunia.

Addyi vs Viagra

In reality, it is really incorrect to associate Addyi and Lady Era (Female Viagra) and compare them, in fact they act with two completely different mechanisms of action. Flibanserin used as the active substance in Addyi acts on sexual desire in the brain (neurochemical) while vasoactive drugs that act on genital blood vessels facilitating vaginal lubrication and clitoral erections. The effectiveness of the famous blue pill, also thanks to its mechanism of action, is clearly superior to that of the pink pill.

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Customer reviews

By George,

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I am very happy to have purchased this product for my partner… we had discussed together about stimulating our sex life and thanks to this drug it is exactly what happened!

By Minnie,

Friday 15th of November 2019

When I ordered it I was a bit skeptical, instead I have to think again, because it really works !!! Now I no longer have problems in bed :p

By Rosamund,

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

I tried Lady Era in a particular period of tiredness and stress, my conclusion is that it is a good product and actually I had a good physical response towards the product as I read in a previous review does not work miracles but certainly helps a lot, especially I believe in those cases where there is no particular pathology behind the lack of desire. Therefore my opinion is certainly positive.

By Whitley,

Wednesday 25th of December 2019

Dear Doctor, I have read interesting pages on this useful site and would like clarification and advice. I am 64 years old and for some years I have for some months now experienced a marked drop in libido. I did blood tests with these results: blood glucose 79, calcium 9.6, total cholesterol 235, hdl 45, triglycerides 230, transaminase ast 21 and alt 19, pcr 0.03, tsh 2, prolactin 10, ft3 2.6, ft4 0.85, basal cortisol 10, lh 4.85, fsh 4.9, dheas 77 (normal 80 – 560), shbg 4 (normal 13 – 71). I ask you to give your opinion if the somewhat low values of dheas and very low shbg may be due to my drop in libido? In your experience is such a low shbg value possible, with practically normal values of the other sex hormones? What do you advise me to do or hire?

By Dr Kaufman,

Saturday 28th of December 2019

Dear reader, it is not easy to define what a “drop” of libido is. The libido can be evaluated with respect to the answer in front of a stimulating partner, if there is a manifested arousal of seeing an erotic image, etc… even if the vaginal secretin glands no longer respond as before. After the age of 60, even in front of an exciting stimulus the lubrication mechanisms are sevrely compromised and you could have a modest response or a lack of response. It is not a question of libido but of vascular efficacy in response to a neuro-psychic stimulus that in the past was sufficient to induce a state of clitoral erection, the fact that can be corrected by the use of a vasodilator like Lady Era will be able to solve multiple problems in your sexual health. Speak directly with a specialist.

By Dinesh,

Sunday 12th of April 2020

Dear sir.

Can I use this my friend. How I can give her this pill like with soft drink,juice,water,coffee etc and its work like that such i saw on YouTube videos about lady era

By Dr Kaufman,

Thursday 16th of April 2020

Dear Dinesh, please be advised that slipping a medication into somebody else’s food or drink is not only dangerous, but also completely illegal. I suggest you discuss the possibility of Lady Era administration with your friend, and should you come to an agreement, she will need to see a doctor who will confirm that she can use the medication safely. I remind you that sildenafil contained in Lady Era is a prescription substance with a list of contraindications, and should be taken recreationally.

By Zoey,

Tuesday 28th of January 2020

I have actually tried Lady Era out of curiosity, and I do not recommend anyone taking it without an actual need or anything, but it was a wow-effect six ways from Sunday for both me and my boyfriend! The sensations were crazy, the response to touch and visual stimulation was something out of this world. I still have some tablets and will take them sparingly from time to time. PS: I seldom get to come with penetration, but with LE, I had vaginal orgasm twice on one night!!

By Daisey,

Saturday 8th of February 2020

I had a few experiments with this drug, out of curiosity. Surprisingly, it actually worked, I had the funny sensation in the bottom of my stomach within some half an hour, but I also experienced like hot flashes. The sensation in my unmentionables very soon accelerated to a full on sexual arousal and I had a blast both this first time and every time I used it since. I am not certain if it is ok to use it in the absence of any actual problem with libido, so I just take a pill occasionally when wanting to spice up my sex life.

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