Coupons for drugs is the ultimate way of low-balling the price on pharmacy supplies and refills, the tool that has a more prominent importance in everyone’s daily life when we consider that most prescription and OTC drugs are big-ticket items these days. In this section we have collected the most essential tips on how and where to find your drug discount coupons and codes, what are the best ways to redeem them and explain the intricacies of being eligible for official promotions on top-selling drugs. Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding coupons or request help getting them in comments to our articles!


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Viagra Coupons, Free Samples And Assistance Programs Explained

Viagra has taken a world by storm in the late 90s, fast forward to today, more than two decades into its existence, the legenday blue pill is still going strong. Viagra (the active substance sildenafil) features excellent efficacy and safety that are well-studied and documented, but at the same time, it has a prohibitive, if not shocking, cost.


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Cialis Coupon For Major Discount Or Free Samples

The world of pharmaceutical manufacture exploded with the advance of Viagra, the Super Nova of the erectile dysfunction market, but it was nothing compared to the outstanding effects of its follow-up, Cialis (tadalafil). Designed to be active within the unparalleled 36 hours, this sexual enhancer allows to develop erection with minimal...