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Having established that there are no effective methods of those circulating on the net (apart from cosmetic surgery or hyaluronic acid which is, however, reabsorbable), I use discontinuously the vacuum pump that actually expands the penis for a short time, even if after a few hours it returns to normal size.

What I wonder is if there are contraindications because lately I suffer from erectile difficulties and above all in the maintenance phase (I am 42 years old)…. the fact is that the application of this contraption normally compresses the walls of the area around to the penis and I don’t know if anatomically there are vessels or arteries that compress under the push of the plastic tube.

It also happens that the shaft becomes darker due to the evident greater flow of blood and the rupture of some capillaries (but the principle of long-term effectiveness on which this tool is based according to the manufacturers and news circulating on the net is just what in the long run regenerates cells and tissues and grow permanently!)

Can this practice cause injury and in the long run also impotence?

The latest novelty of the vacuum pumps is the one that is used immersed in hot water but I don’t know whether to try it or not. I thank you in advance for your explanations

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 1 year ago

Dear reader, in my opinion, worring about the penile size too much is irrational; the size of a penis is very variable, also physiologically, in favorable environmental situations (tranquility, hot water and others), the results you refer to with the mentioned devices can be obtained. Recently, there have appeared vacuum pumps on the market that use water pressure (such as Bathmate) instead of air: the action is theoretically more effective and less invasive than traditional vacuum pumps. In addition, hot water would help maintain results over time. In my opinion, vacuum pumps do not in the majority of cases provide macroscopic gains in penis size, however in some subjects they may actually increase, even if only slightly, circumference and length.

Used correctly, penile pumps should not be a cause for erectile trouble. However, stress and performance anxiety caused by excessive obsession with the size of your penis can be a reason for that. I suggest that you consult your doctor, since the sooner you learn about the cause, the better chances at improvement or prevention.