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Doctor good evening, I am a 24 year old guy, I have been living with a girl for 7 years, for some years things have not been going very well for us and I started dating other girls at the same time. I cannot have and maintain an erection with all the girls I go out with, but only with those older than me (I speak from 30 to go up). When I go out with my peers, I already know that, having arrived at the end of the evening, I will fail or if after several attempts I can get an erection I cannot maintain it over time and perform well. I have already visited 3 andrologists, no one has found any problems with the apparatus (with related blood tests), some have recommended Viagra, others Total Argin, but I don’t want to depend on a drug, I ask for your help and the thank you in advance, thanks for your time.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

Dear User, having ruled out an organic cause with appropriate visits, you will agree with the fact that it is a psychological basis. The fact that you say “I already know I will fail” is very relevant and makes you enter a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out without professional help. I therefore advise you to go directly to a psychologist experienced in sexology so that you can understand the reasons behind your erection difficulties (I can’t help but notice that you are still engaged and you should not discard the possibly feeling of guilt or any other hard emotion resulting from the unresolved situation, weighing in on you). In this way you will be able to find the right strategies to tackle sexual discourse and find serenity. I remain available.