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Hello, I will try to be brief. I am 22 years old and for almost a month, I have been suffering from what I believe is erectile dysfunction. The symptoms are the inability to maintain the necessary rigidity for a full-on sexual act, or sometimes, but more rarely, erection subsides after a few minutes from the introduction of the penis in the vagina of my partner. I practice sport and I take creatine, arginine, proteins and the like, but for 3 months this summer I had a break from the workouts, and I don’t take anything anymore. I have sex about 2 times a day, but not every day. I use a condom, thin type. I hope I have provided all the necessary information, and if you need anything else, I am ready to write what could be missing. I would like to find the solution. Thank you.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 yeas ago

Dear reader, the symptoms you report seem to have a significant impact on your sex life, however, it is also useful to evaluate the ways in which the problem begins, any concomitant diseases, or lifestyle habits that can alter the efficiency of the erective process. Erectile dysfunction has several causes; in your case, given the absence of traumas and the sudden appearance I think we can exclude a vascular type problem, but an androgical visit should be made to verify the rest. Find an opportunity to make an andrological visit and talk to the specialist directly.