asked 1 year ago

Hello! My problem is this: it always takes me a long time to achieve erection, even with sufficient sexual stimulation. What can I do to be able to get hard faster? PS: I do not have erectile problems, when I finally get a hard on it is stable and I can maintain it for as long as it takes to have a good long sexual act. But I would also appreciate if you had any tips on how to stay erect for hours. Thank you!

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 1 year ago

Dear user, not being able to achieve erection upon the first stimulus is quite normal; you are not really expected to. This is why there is so much talk about foreplay: both partners need time to get prepared for the action. Also, in the absence of any particular problems linked to erectile hardness, I see no point in improving your performance. However, your desire to last longer and possibly be able to demonstrate a quicker response towards adequate sexual stimulation by the partner is understandable. I would recommend introducing minor changes to your lifestyle: get more physically active, quit bad habits like dependence on nicotine or other substances, make sure you put in enough sleep hours, etc. The results will not be immediate, but I can promise that you will see a measurable improvement in 2 weeks already, and the results will only get better as you continue.

To back it up, try using herbal solutions and supplements: Ashwaganda or Saw Palmetto and other natural boosters of sexual function will not only help you respond faster and maintain erection better, but will also improve your general wellbeing.

This said, it never hurts to have a checkup with your doctor who will rule out any eventual problems with your health, like cardiovascular or blood cell problems that might compromise your genital blood flow. The aforementioned supplements have minimal side effects and few contraindications, but still your doctor needs to approve of their use. You will also benefit greatly if you incorporate physical exercises aimed at erectile function improvement: you can find a more detailed description of those here. Good luck!