asked 2 years ago

Dear Doctors,

For some time I have known that I do not have morning erections or that I have rare and rather weak erections. But let’s say that my life is quite unregulated and that I go to bed on average at 5 in the morning, usually because I study until late… So it happens that I always wake up tired and never feel completely rested; when instead I go to sleep earlier and I am calm, the situation is a little better, I feel more rested and I feel an erection in the morning. In any case: is it serious not to have morning erections? During masturbation or in any case if I touch my penis it becomes hard. Do I have to worry? In any case, I will submit the analysis to the andrologist to whom I will better ask for a specific opinion on the thing. Thanks in advance to those who want to answer.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

Dear reader, morning erections depend very much on the healthiness of nocturnal sleep, since they are due to specific brain reflexes that occur during deep sleep hours. What matters are erections in the course of sexual activity, whatever it is. It is obvious that you will have to evaluate your erective function with his doctor in the light of the tests they will appoint. I suggest that you take some much needed rest, and then discuss the results with the specialist.