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As per the topic of my post, the question is the following: I know that it is kind of a fad, all this penile enlargement business, but is there anything scientifically proven that works for gaining penile size? Thank you for your time.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 1 year ago

Dear user, at the current state of scientific research there are no substances in the world, whether they are drugs, supplements, phytotherapy or any other known molecule, capable of increasing the maximum length of the penis. There are certainly drugs and supplements to improve erection, libido and the amount of sperm emitted with ejaculation, but – I repeat – not to increase the penile length.

So my advice is to stay away from phantom – and expensive – pills to increase the length of the penis. The dimensions of the male genital organ have always been debated, celebrated, mystified or represented in different cultures. Although to date there are no guidelines shared internationally, several methods have been developed in the technical and scientific fields, to resort to circumferential elongation / enlargement of the male genital organ; it is therefore possible to classify the various methods in:

  • surgical
  • non surgical (filler)
  • mechanical

Focusing on the second type of treatment, the non-surgical one, it seems useful to speak of the following: in our opinion, among the various treatment options in the non-surgical field (lipofilling, fillers and permanent and semi-permanent substances, resorbable fillers), one of the methods with the The highest tolerance and safety profile for the patient (in our experience and on the basis of recent scientific data) lies in the use of a resorbable filler composed of a stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid, in the form of a gel.

It is also good to remember that the medical examination is fundamental to clarify whether a problem of “size” is presumed or realistic or, again, pathological: obviously it is still useful to specify that any treatment in this context, may not bring the expected benefits regardless from the medical act. Therefore, always rely on your healthcare specialist for this kind of estimations!