asked 2 years ago

Last April, while I was preparing for marathon, I felt pain during the workout and at the end of training, at the 3rd lower middle of the right tibia; just after the race, I underwent a rmn test which showed: “modest medullary edema 3rd lower tibia”, and since then I have avoided running, dedicating myself to mountain biking, in addition to getting a magnetotherapy device at home. Do I have to do a check up? Is a two-month stop enough? Could the picture be compatible with periostitis? Is it possible that the wrong shoes have favored this condition?

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

Spontaneous and local irradiated pain, developed under pressure, and local swelling seem to be obvious. The difficulties you experience with potency appear to be functional. Less sports performance will be required for you until the ultimate recovery.