Alex Staff

asked 2 years ago

For a week now, I have had a dull pain in the testicles, no dangerous pain, but enough to get me concerned. A pulling pain that becomes more pronounced when I lightly touch the scrotum. At first I thought it was due to a pair of tight jeans I had in the beginning of the week, but it stays on and now the death anxiety begins because of testicular cancer crawling on.

I can’t feel any testicle is bigger or different from before. The testicles are also not particularly tender. It is only that dull feeling that radiates towards the stomach and wouldn’t go away.

1 Answers

Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

Getting pain in the area around the testicles can be due to several reasons. There are various symptoms associated with pain in the testes. Sometimes the pain in the scrotum can be persistent and weak, in other cases it can be experienced as a pain that comes and goes. If you suddenly get hurt in the scrotum it may be a testicle that has twisted. It is then common for the scrotum to turn red and that it is only one of the testicles that aches and feels swollen.

The most common causes of pain in the testicles are inflammation, hernia or a blow to the scrotum. A more unusual but serious cause is testicular twisting, which causes the blood supply to the testicle to deteriorate and causes a lot of pain in the scrotum. On the testicle there is a small appendage that can also screw itself, which is much more common than the testicle itself does.

This is called bit-distortion and hurts but is not as dangerous. A twist of the testicles is more common in young boys than men but can happen at any age. If you have groin hernia, pain in the scrotum may be due to the hernia being pinched. This means that a piece of bowel has come into contact. The scrotum then becomes red, tense, swollen and sore and the swelling often extends up to the groin. Strokes, hard bumps or pressure on the testicles hurt but are usually harmless.

If you suddenly severe pain in the testicles and the pain does not go over, it may be due to testicular twisting or distortion. In the case of testicular twisting, you need surgery, so you should take this pain seriously and seek care directly. Bitesticle inflammation may be due to a sexually transmitted disease. If the pain is due to inguinal hernia, the only treatment is surgery, but adults need not be operated if the symptoms are few or mild.

If the pain gets acute, it is important that you seek medical care immediately. Although it is unusual, the pain may be due to testicular twisting and then need surgery. You should therefore seek emergency care if the pain is sudden and does not subside within a few minutes.