asked 1 year ago

What causes morning wood? Should I be worried if for a few weeks now it has been on and off, mostly off?

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 1 year ago

Dear Brett, concerning morning erections it is important to understand this: during the day, the brain releases a chemical known as norepinephrine, a hormone that prevents an erection. However, while sleeping, the brain releases the same substance in minimal doses, thus promoting night and morning erections. There is no need to worry if you notice a decrease in the number of days you wake up with an erection, because it may still be present at night. However, if you haven’t woken up with an erection for several months, you should see a doctor. A total lack of erections can be a sign of: depression, chronic stress, heart problems or low testosterone level. Treatment for general problems involves administering statin to get rid of the “blocked” veins of cholesterol or testosterone replacement therapy for people with low testosterone levels.