asked 2 years ago

Hi thank you in advance for the consultation. I have just purchased Yasmin to delay my menstrual cycle by 3 days because I am on vacation. The period is due in 10 days, do you recommend me to start taking one tablet a day for 10 days as I read earlier or start 3 days before the period as I read on the package leaflet? Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

Everything depends on the menstrual cycle length (on average every 28 days) to establish roughly the beginning of the intake. I recommend starting from the middle of the cycle (16 ^ -17 ^ day of the cycle) for at least an equivalent period, suspend 1/2 days before when you want to have the menstrual flow. The following month the cycle will return to its usual rhythm.