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Constipation in men: causes and ways of treatment

The statistics claim that 2% of Americans suffer from frequent constipation. Not many you would say. However, more than 4 million people are hidden behind such a small percentage.

Even though infrequent bowel movements are more characteristic of women, men can also suffer from such problems. The reasons for the existing situation are different, but the core of the bulk of them is hidden in the modern style of life.

Why do you get constipated?

Here are the most probable reasons for rare bowel movements in males:

  • Inactive way of life. Long hours in front of the computer and sedentary lifestyle has turned into a real issue when it goes about visiting a bathroom. Lack of movements throughout the day doesn’t let the feces move down the intestine to the rectum. As a result, you may be a rare guest on the toilet seat.
  • Unhealthy eating habits. Fatty foods lower the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. And if a high-fat diet is combined with a hatred of fruits and vegetables (meaning that you don’t get enough fiber), you are a probable candidate for constipation.
  • Lack of time for defecation. No matter how paradoxically it may sound, but very often men literally have no time to go to the bathroom. Tense work schedule can be the major reason for constipation and bowel discomfort you consequently feel.

These are only some of all possible causes, yet having excluded at least them, you are very likely to feel better.

How to improve the situation?

To get rid of the discomfort and a constant feeling of fullness, you don’t need to take any pills. It will be absolutely enough to change your habits and lifestyle. So, what should you do to feel better?


  • Enrich your diet with vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products. Thanks to this, you increase the consumption of fiber. As a result, you may get regular and healthy bowel movements.
  • Drink enough water. Intestines are the place where the water is absorbed. The longer the feces stay there, the drier they get. By postponing your visit to the bathroom, you yourself exacerbate the situation. Yet by drinking a lot of water, you may make the feces softer and excretion will be much easier.
  • Move a lot. The more you walk, jump, and run during the day, the easier your defecation will be.
  • Never ignore the need to defecate.

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