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What is generic tadalafil?


Generic tadalafil is a substance developed in 2003 and patented for the use in male patients with diagnosed erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is a partial or full inability to either achieve or maintain penile hardness during a sexual intercourse all the way to its culmination. Tadalift is marketed and universally recognized as Cialis manufactured by the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

Recently, the off-patent versions of tadalafil have made their entrance to the International market, bringing a major drop in the price of drugs based on tadalafil.

Tadalift belongs to the same class of drugs as sildenafil, the active substance in Viagra. In comparison to this latter, tadalafil has a shorter onset time as well as a longer duration of action, making it the best possible combination of pharmacokinetic characteristics among existing oral drugs indicated for ED.

Tadalift doses range between 2.5mg and 20mg. It is the only substance whose use is approved for daily intake, as opposed to other drugs in its class indicated for the use as needed, i.e. prior to engaging sexually.

Tadalift is also approved by FDA for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). According to the official source, the recommended dose for alleviating the symptoms of BPH is 5mg taken daily under regular medical supervision.

Mechanism of action

Tadalift belongs to the class of drugs called inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (iPDE5). All iPDE5 drugs work by enhancing penile rigidity and maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. This means that erections occur only if there is a sexual approach, thus maintaining the role of the partner in activating the sexual stimulus. However, there are differences between the three molecules, not so much in terms of efficacy or side effects, as in terms of “freedom of programming the relationship”. Tadalift begins to act 20-30 minutes into the intake and has a completely independent absorption from alcohol and food intake and a duration of action up to 36 hours.

Common uses and directions

Tadalift is used to treat two different men’s health disorders: ED and BPH. Based on the indication, the dosage and the posoligical schedule are established as indicated in Table 1. Furthermore, for the treatment of male impotence, tadalafil can be taken either as needed, directly before the sexual activity – or, to be more precise, 20 to 30 minutes before it – or on a daily basis.

In case of ED, the opinion of a doctor may be necessary, even if this impotence is not full, so that a proper treatment can be implemented for the patient. The practitioner will ask questions about the patient’s sexual life, the beginning of the disorders, the quality of the erection, etc. It is possible that some extremely intimate questions (for example, concerning the number of partners), are considered as troublesome, also one can go alone to this first consultation, and accompanied by his wife the following times.

During the consultation, the doctor carries out a clinical examination of the genitals. Sometimes additional tests will complete this appointment, such as a blood test to look for a possible diabetes, or a cardiovascular disease. Depending on the findings, the doctor refers the patient to a consultation with an urologist, a specialist in sexology, psychology, or prescribes erection-inducing drugs.

Since the discovery of PDE5 inhibitors starting with the legendary blue pill Viagra, the erection-facilitating treatment is taken orally. Other drugs then appeared (Cialis, Spedra, Levitra) allowing a help adapted to each case. Note that some of these treatments exist in the form of generic drugs, which reduces their price. These drugs are sold in pharmacies only on prescription, and are not reimbursed by the Health Insurance.

If, on the other hand, tadalafil is administered on daily basis for the ultimate regeneration of erectile function, it is taken at the dose of 5mg. It was proved and fixed in FDA approval for tadalafil daily use that continuous and consistent use of the drug gives measurable chances at full restoration of erectile capacity over time (find the official reports here).

Contraindications apply because of the potential for drug interactions. Check with your doctor.

Table 1. Common Uses Of Tadalift

Drug Name Active Substance Onset Time
ED therapy “as needed” Taken ca 30 minutes before sexual activity 5mg, 10mg, 20 mg
Daily ED therapy Taken at the same time on daily basis 2.5mg, 5mg
BPH Taken according to prescriber’s instructions 5mg

Tadalift dosage


Warning: only a doctor can prescribe medication to alleviate impotence, after having carried out the necessary examinations showing that there is no contraindication. Over-the-counter drugs must never be taken without medical advice, otherwise they will be in serious danger.

The minimal dose of tadalafil is 2.5mg. Usually this dose is recommended as a starting point to further increase it if there are other health concerns to consider. Alternatively, tadalafil 2.5mg is used as a part of daily treatment. Most commonly though daily therapy with tadalafil involves tablets containing 5mg of the active substance – and the same dosage is administered as a part of posoligical therapy of BPH.

In ED, the most effective dose of tadalafil is 20mg, which is also the maximal recommended dose. In case of milder ED and against the background of comorbid health conditions, a dose of tadalafil 10mg is recommended. Some patients proceed from the needs of the moment and break a tablet of tadalafil 20mg in two, achieving a smaller dose and splitting a pill into two takings.

Remember that it is your urologist, andrologist or any other healthcare specialist who has to appoint the recommended dose based on your health condition, response towards the active substance and eventual adverse events, if any.

Is tadalafil from India safe?

Tadalift is produced as a generic drug by a number of Indian companies, among which there are such recognizable names as Cipla Ltd, Ajanta Pharma, Zydus Cadila and Lupin Ltd. Each of these companies is a licensed and accredited drug manufacturer whose industrial practices conform with the standards imposed by healthcare authorities internationally. In practice, this means that manufacturing standards that are applied to brand drug producers are applied to manufacturers of generic medications. These standards are common across countries of the world, they are subject to regular controls and official monitoring, and failure to comply with them would result in withdrawal of a license of pharmaceutical manufacturer.

All of the above considered, tadalafil drugs produced by verified manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are every smidgen as safe and efficient as their brand counterparts produced in the US, Europe and Canada.

Side effects

The side effects of tadalafil are only annoying, when present, but do not cause damage. The most common (in any case in less than 10-15% of patients) are headache, flushing in the face, heartburn, nasal congestion, alteration of color vision typical for sildenafil does not occur, and back pain is the most recognizable of tadalafil side effects. In rare cases, such side effects are so annoying that one has to stop taking the drug and, in any case, without any health consequences.

Furthermore, it is good to know that these drugs are not always effective for any situation and should always be taken after consultation and medical prescription.

The most common side effects include:


  • Headache
  • Dorsopathy (back pain)
  • dyspepsia (abdominal pain)
  • Amnesia (rare)
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Nasal congestion
  • Priapism (abnormal erection, almost always accompanied by pain, lasting even longer than 4 hours)

Other risks to be reported are that the subject finds himself in a situation of dependence and abuse, leading to the dysregulation of his own neurovegetative system, with the possibility that the symptom may recur, that the drug is no longer effective, that desire is compromised sexual and in some cases there may be the appearance of symptoms of sexual pain.


Tadalift must not be taken in case of the history of priapism. Priapism is an erection independent of sexual arousal. It is caused by neurological disorders or certain diseases. The mechanism of reflux of blood is disturbed; the blood stagnates in the penis. Priapism is extremely painful and can have serious consequences. Surgery is necessary if medical treatment proves to be ineffective.

There are very few reported cases of priapism linked to the use of PDE5 inhibitors, but users of tadalafil should be wary of erections that last more than 4 hours or become painful. Urgent medical help should be sought after; failure to do so may result in serious, potentially irreversible, injury.


Tadalift is absolutely contraindicated in cases of subjects with cardiovascular diseases, liver dysfunctions, kidney dysfunctions, penile malformation. To be evaluated medically in the presence of other drugs, as there are often numerous contraindications.

Thus, Tadalift is contraindicated in patients with:

  • renal or hepatic insufficiency
  • retinitis pigmentosa, NAION and some other eye conditions
  • heart disease / stroke history within the past half a year
  • allergy towards tadalafil or lactose intolerance
  • stomach or duodenum ulcers
  • blood pressure irregularities
  • Peyronie’s disease (genetic penile deformity)
  • priapism

Tadalift analogs:

  • Cialis
  • Pulmopres
  • Tadacip
  • Tadalis
  • Zydalis

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