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What is is a platform facilitating access to existing patient programs. The website is designed to connect low-income patients with drug manufacturer for getting a year-round supply of drugs for $50 monthly fee per medication.

Who is for?

To qualify for a subscription at, you need to meet the following criteria: be considered a low-income citizen and have a condition that requires you to spend more than $50 on mediactions every month. can be used by both insured and uninsured individuals. Facts

Domain details

The domain was registered in 2006, and is due to expire in 2023. The registration country is U.S., Florida.

Business information

The company is registered in the same place as the domain, which is Stuart, Florida. This is always a good sign for an e-commerce pharmacy store. A quick Google Maps check confirms that the information is accurate.

Regulatory Compliance is not a pharmacy business, but a platform for finding patient assistance programs, and as such it does not require licensing.

ScamAdviser Legitimate
NABP Does not apply
CIPA, Canadian International Pharmacy Association Does not apply
PharmacyChecker Does not apply
LegitScript Does not apply
HHS, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Does not apply
DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration Does not apply
EMA, European Medicines Agency Does not apply
PGEU GPUE, Pharmaceutical Group of European Union Does not apply

Prescription Policy

You need to submit your prescription in case you are applying for refills of a prescription medication. Since the company runs a legitimate pharmacy business, there is no possibility of ordering a prescription drug without a valid document signed by your doctor.

Product Range & Quality

Drug categories offers drugs for every condition from a large number of manufacturers. All in all, there are more than 1,500 names of prescription drugs on their formulary.

Country of drug origin

The service provides medications from ca 150 different drug manufacturers based in the U.S.

Medication counterfeiting

Not reported; items only directly from FDA certified drug manufacturers.

Risk of poisoning

Not identified

Price Range & Discounts

Pricing policy

The idea driving is making every drug accessible year-round for a fixed fee of $50 per month for each drug. The company verifies your eligibility with the manufacturer, and once you are approved, you will start receiving your refills monthly directly from the pharmaceutical company producing the drug. You will be charge the service fee following the approval of your candidacy. discount coupon

There are no additional discounts offered in the program. free samples

Free samples are not added to the patient assistance program.

Store Usability & Features

Technically speaking, is not a pharmacy, so there are no e-store features embedded in the website. The functionality of the website is focused on processing customer applications, and managing prescriptions and refills.

Payment Methods & Safety

Accepted payment methods

You can pay the service fees with a credit card. No other payment methods are available.

Checkout web security

The checkout is secured by 256-bit encryption and McAfee Secure.

Delivery Methods & Quality

Current shipping options

Since is not a drugstore, they do not dispense or ship medications. Your drugs will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. As a rule, the shipping fees do not apply.

International shipping only works with the U.S. based customers.

Customer Service

Customer support quality

According to Better Business Bureau, the company’s quality and speed of response to customers’ queries is up to snuff.

Contact options

There is a landline toll-free phone number you can use for getting in touch with (Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.00 EST), or you can send them a letter, an email or a fax.

Data safety & antispam

The quality of customer data protection seems to be decent.


Promises Vs. Reality

Given that you qualify for their patient assistance program, the promises made by the company are quite true: they will help you save thousands of dollars per year if you have to pay out of pocket for your medications. However, not everyone qualifies – requirements differ from one manufacturer to another, too.

Real Customer Reviews & Experiences

Happy customers

Most of the positive buzz generated around the service focuses on the savings assisted by the program. Many point out the ease of use and effectiveness of the services. customer complaints

According to TrustPilot, the complaints that unhappy customers submit have to do with being charged before the approval comes through, or being rejected. The issues all are attended to by customer support rather promptly.

Final Opinion serves its purpose of providing great assistance for the U.S. patients who have to pay out of their pockets for chronically taken meds. It will not suit everyone: you will have to prove that your income level is beyond a certain limit. But once you do, you will be enrolled into a manufacturer-led program and receive your pills for free, all for a fee of $50 per month per drug.

Pros Cons
Measurable savings every month Limiting requirements for approval
Legitimate pharmacy-assistance Offers only by U.S. manufacturers
Brand medications for free No generic drugs covered
Free delivery for most plans
Drugs directly from manufacturers
All patient assistance programs on one site

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