useful1 Staff

asked 2 years ago

For a month already, I have been noticing that my hair gets thinner. I thought it was just my impression but my family members and colleagues started noticing it too. I feel so embarrassed and anxious to lose all my hair… There should be something that can stop it. Please, help me find an effective cure!

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

One of the possible reasons for losing hair is a lack of vitamins. Absence of the needed nutrients makes the hair brittle and dull. In addition, if you don’t drink enough water, your hair can become dry, which is also a factor for hair loss. Try to add vitamin-rich complexes to your daily ration and drink enough water to keep the hair hydrated. Make sure you get enough of vitamins A, B, and E.

While the vitamins will work from the inside, you can speed up the positive effect by using special anti-hair loss shampoos. What’s more, when your hair is clean, it is less likely that you’ll get dandruff. The latter can also play a role in your thinning hair. Besides, different topical treatments showed to be effective not only for stopping the hair loss but also for inducing its regrowth. The studies have proven that Minoxidil 2%, Aminexil, Ketoconazole, and Minoxidil with Tretinoin are really working for the hair regrowth.

In case your hair loss was triggered by some medicines, consult with your healthcare provider as to the possibility to lower the dose of the preparation or substitute it for the other drug, which won’t cause such a side effect. However, you should never make any changes in your treatment plan on your own!

If the core of the issue is poor blood supply to the hair bulbs, you can improve it by massaging the scalp. Of course, the effect won’t be seen in days, but a couple of weeks of regular massages can significantly improve the situation. All in all, there is always an option for treatment but you should undergo a thorough medical examination to reveal the initial cause of the hair loss.