What is a doppler ultrasound exam of penis

Ultrasound (ultrasonography) is a kind of imaging test. It utilizes high-frequency soundwaves to inspect your organs. Penile ultrasonography could be utilized to diagnose several illnesses impacting the genitalia, namely erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and others.


A Doppler ultrasonography is not the same as regular ultrasonography, it is utilized mainly to estimate the bloodflow thru the vessels. Common ultrasonography utilizes soundwaves to produce images but cannot be utilized to inspect the flow of blood.

As you know, the bloodflow is vital for a male’s erections. While a male receives sufficient sexual stimulation, the arteries located in the penis area extend to let the genitalia fill with blood. It is the thing that provides the genitalia with the rigidity required for an intercourse. Veins in the penile area narrow, preventing the blood from escaping the penis. As soon as the stimulus ends, or after the person receives an orgasm, the veins broaden one more time to permit blood to move to various organs.

Many males with ED have issues when it comes to bloodflow. The arteries may not broaden quite enough, so the necessary amount of blood can’t be supplied. Or, the veins may not tighten in a sufficient way to prevent the blood from flowing out.


Doppler ultrasonography starts with a shot of medicine, it prompts an erection right away by way of broadening arteries and boosting the bloodflow. After that, an MD uses a small gadget, it forwards data to a PC with the purpose of letting the MD understand how quickly blood is moving.

Doppler penile ultrasonography normally does not cause any painful sensations. A few patients experience discomfort at the place of the injection. In case the prompted erection lasts more than the examination, the MD may give an additional injection, so as to prompt the penis to go soft.

Males are typically recommended to avoid taking anti-ED meds (generic Sildenafil 100 mg, for example) for a couple of days prior to the examination.