Emotional and mental health


Simple exercises to relieve stress and tension

Life is impossible to imagine without stresses. And no matter how emotionally strong we are, some situations can literally knock the ground from under the feet. To help keep control over one’s emotions, stay calm and relaxed, each of us should know at least several techniques and exercises that can help us get back to the norm.

Breathe deep

Deep and slow breathing can help to increase the oxygenation of blood and consequently all the body cells. It improves the function of the brain and the central nervous system thus making it much easier to get rid of stress.

Listen to music

You may have noticed that the music you listen to can have a serious impact on your emotions. Dealing with stress and tension, you may use the music as a weapon against increased nervousness. A calming melody can help you distract the attention from the irritant and restore the calmness.

Do yoga

Practicing yoga can teach you self-control and inner balance. A combination of physical exercises and breathing techniques applied in this ancient praxis will help the secretion of endorphins. These are special chemicals produced in the human brain that improve the mood. Thus, you may reduce tension and get more resistant to stress.



In case you are not a fan of sports and physical exercises, dancing is a wonderful option for you. First of all, you can enjoy the process. Besides, it is quite easy to get positive emotions while dancing as the work of the muscles intensifies the secretion of the happiness hormone. Your only task is not to try to be the best (though it may be very important for some of us) but to get physical and emotional satisfaction from what you are doing. Believe, you’ll forget about all the tension and stress you’ve received during the day.

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