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When Levitra Be Available Over The Counter?

Since the little blue pill came on the market in 1998, men of all ages have opened their eyes to the miracles it can accomplish. Viagra is top notch for men who have erection problems, but the point is that healthy men aged 18 – 40 rarely or never need to use oral drugs for ED like Viagra or its follow-up Levitra to get an erection.

Younger boys and men who know that they need drugs like Levitra are often easily affected and they often think there is something wrong with them if they cannot perform as men in porn movies. It is quite natural that the penis does not stay as rigid as a cane throughout the intercourse, but porn has imagined that this is how sex works. The fact that the healthcare authorities of Norway, Great Britain and some other countries now make Viagra available without a prescription for men as young as 18 is both worrying and critical.

It is stated that Levitra is a drug that is approved for men over 18 with impotence. It is also written that the mandatory guidance will reduce the risk of misuse and side effects. Although you can buy Viagra Prescription-free at any pharmacy, the Drug Agency of Norway recommends having a health check with the GP within six months. Impotence can be an early sign of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among other things.

To make matters clear, there has not been any official discussion as to whether or not Levitra should be sold over the counter. However, before even considering that as an option, there are other essential questions to consider.

The availability of Levitra and at some point in time other ED drugs without prescription can lead to healthy men aged 18-40 to buying these preparations to “test and try”. They often find that the erection they get is neither good nor bad, but rather painful and uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that they initially want to visit a doctor because they are worried but they dare not. That is the backside of the medal but there are so many that do not talk about it.

Erectile dysfunction epidemics grows, not only because men have poor health, but also because performance anxiety increases. Men are influenced in all channels and now they get a simple solution to the pharmacy bypassing the actual visit to a doctor who could make a timely observation that there is no pathology as such.

Vardenaifl should not be given to healthy men to improve erection and patients should be well advised against abuse. To say that “Viagra without a prescription has worked well in England”, having been available as a non-prescription drug for less than a year, is not good enough in this case.

It is positive that men with erectile dysfunction can have a better potency, and therefore probably a better sex life, but this should be determined by a doctor, not a patient himself, and definitely not at the age of 18 are thereabout. Setting this limit to 40 + will prevent young men without physical impotence problems from becoming dependent on ED pills they don’t really need. Very often “the erection is in your head” and is not a physical thing. Getting mentally addicted to a Levitra or any other sexual enhancement is definitely not recommended.

The bottom line is this: it is not much of a hassle to either see a doctor in person or get a telemedicine consultation if you really are certain that your failures in bed are caused by erectile pathology. Even a telemedicine specialist can issue a prescription for you after asking you a set of elaborately thought-through questions, and many pharmacies online are prepared to provide this service for free. The question that you should be asking yourself is whether or not you have grounds to take Levitra; at this day and age, getting a presctiption for this and other ED pills is not a problem.

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