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New Research: Magnetic Field will Help to Cope with Pain

Pain in any of its manifestations may do much harm to the sufferers. It interferes with the usual way of life, affects people’s physical and even mental condition. That’s why the researches on the ways of reducing this condition are being held for many years.

Some scientist question the effectiveness of the magnetic field for pain reduction. However, recent studies conducted by the bioengineers of the University of California, Los Angeles have proven that magnetic field has a significant impact on diminishing the pain sensations, especially in people suffering from chronic musculoskeletal system diseases.

They developed a special magnetic gel based on hyaluronic acid. Due to its structure, this material can help to transit and strengthen the signals from the magnetic field to the neurons. Such an impact slows down the speed of transferring pain signals from the peripheral nervous system to the brain. Thanks to this, the level of pain a person feels gets significantly lower.

What health problems may be solved with magnets?

It is considered that magnetic field:

  • Speeds up the regeneration processes within the cells;
  • Improves metabolism;
  • Helps to diminish pain in individuals who have arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


The magnetic field is applied in the treatment of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic abdominal pain, and fibromyalgia. Even though the use of the magnetic field cannot cure the pain completely, it can reduce the need for taking pain relievers, which is also good for the human body.

Of course, this issue still needs to be studied but as they say “A good beginning makes a good ending”. So, hopefully, in the nearest future people will be able to get rid of chronic pain without using any drugs.

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