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Diseases That Statistically Present More Danger To Men Than Women

The risks of incurring diseases are different according to sex, women have greater risks in some things than men in others. Several studies have been carried out in this regard, and researchers have isolated some molecular components underlying the different response of male and female cells to stress.

Women live longer than men, this is known. How much longer? According to the latest figures from the World Health Organization, the average is four and a half years. To be precise, of the 141 million children who will be born this year in the world, females can aspire to live up to 74.2 years, males only up to 69.8. There are diseases today, of which men die more than women. And they are the majority.

According to WHO data, more men than women lose their lives in car accidents. In the ranking, worse than road accidents there are only cardiac ischemia, the absolute disease in the world that kills men the most. In third place are the tumors of the respiratory system, from those to the lung to those of the trachea, all neoplasia typically more masculine. The fourth place is held by heart attacks.

Except for those closely related to the female organs (breasts and ovaries), all cancers generally kill more men than women: liver, kidneys, stomach. Among the communicable diseases, on the other hand, both tuberculosis and HIV are more lethal for men, as are all serious respiratory infections.

Men have a higher incidence of contracting Parkinson’s disease. Men are at greater risk for cancer mortality and are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease at a young age. In general, the symptoms of many diseases can be different between men and women. In the case of myocardial infarction, the symptoms present differently between the two sexes and many times women are delayed. As there can be difference when colon cancer occurs, the woman has fewer symptoms to be aware of it, but when she realizes what is happening, urgent action must be taken – men tend to let the symptoms aggravate and do not seek out medical health promptly, which is statistically yet another reason for mortality rates to be higher for men after 70.

There is only one pathology that kills more women than men, and it is Alzheimer’s.

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