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How To Get Skinny With Minimal Efforts: The Science-Backed Tips

Losing weight, especially quickly, has never been easy. Discover some simple tricks to do it in a correct and healthy way. How many of us have needed to lose weight before an important event or a beach season and fell prey to fad diets that come loaded with side effects and fleeting benefits?

However, if properly supervised, it is possible to get skinny fast and with results that stay, without compromising one’s state of health and above all without recovering the pounds lost to the first pizza. Below you will find some key tricks to better deal with rapid weight loss.

Be careful not to lose muscle mass

The first and most important trick to succeed well in rapid weight loss, is to make sure you don’t lose muscle mass. The loss of muscle mass, which would surely have repercussions on the weight by lowering it rapidly, would negatively affect your metabolism, irreparably compromising it.

Pay attention to the onset of cold, lack of appetite, early morning tiredness, the difficulty of falling asleep in the evening – they could be the first alarm bells for the loss of muscle mass.

Instead, to face rapid weight loss without compromising muscle mass, keep up working out, consume the appropriate amount of protein daily and above all drink a sufficient amount of water.

Stay hydrated

In fact, it is essential to drink the right amount of water to guarantee rapid and healthy weight loss. In addition to allowing you to eliminate excess liquids, the water you take in will allow you:

Stay hydrated

  • to better use the nutrients assumed;
  • to keep muscles healthy;
  • to support the metabolism;
  • to reduce the sensation of appetite;
  • to avoid unpleasant pressure drops.

Make sure you consume at least 2 liters of water daily.

Do not skip meals

One of the most serious mistakes when thinking about tackling a rapid weight loss is to fast or skip meals. On the contrary, in the fast weight loss phases, it is essential to fragment the meal as much as possible, so as to increase the metabolic effect of the food, and spend more energy on digestion. The appropriate snacks will also allow you to preserve the metabolic integrity and above all not to be hungry.

Limit carbohydrates

In each phase of rapid weight loss it is necessary to limit carbohydrates. Be careful, however, to gradually reintroduce carbohydrates once this phase is over, otherwise the risk of recovering part of the lost weight will be high. In the carbohydrate reintroduction phases, always prefer whole grain products and grain cereals.

Stay active

If the sport has never been part of your life, at least make sure you are “normally” active. Any self-respecting weight loss, especially if rapid, must rely on the energy expenditure associated with physical activity.

Try starting with:

  • Ten thousand daily steps, to be carried out preferably in the early morning;
  • Go up and down the stairs on foot;
  • Use the bike rather than the car;
  • Devote 15 minutes of your time to free body exercises.

It might be the right time to get physical activity into your daily routine.

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