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Why does my urine smell like coffee?

As claimed by The National Coffee Association and The Specialty Coffee Association of America, more than 50% of Americans drink coffee every day. It makes about 150 million people. Impressive, isn’t it? And we now speak of only one country so you can imagine the world’s figures.

Love to this drink lasts for several centuries. And every year its consumption significantly grows. But at what point does your love to coffee should stop? How much of this drink is safe for you? Well, answering the question, you should consider reducing your daily intake of coffee if you can feel its smell even when you visit a bathroom.

When the urine smells like your favorite drink, it means that you’ve drunk too much of it for today.

How does the urine take the unusual smell?

Some of the liquids that are produced by the human organism, like sperm or urine, get the smell and even the taste of the foods and drinks we consume. Speaking about the urine, it is produced by the kidneys – the organ that filters everything we drink. When the amounts of caffeine we get from coffee get overly high, the urine may take its smell.

Besides, caffeine induces a slight diuretic effect on people consuming it. That’s why its excessive drinking may provoke dehydration. As a result, the urine becomes more concentrated and you may feel the characteristic coffee odor even stronger.

How can you get rid of the coffee-smelling urine?

The solution to this problem is more than simple: just drink less coffee. The appearance of this problem itself means that you consume too much caffeine. Whereas small doses of coffee may be useful to you, its excess may do serious harm. That’s why you should better limit your daily cups of coffee to stay on the safe side.

Another way to get rid of the coffee smell is to drink more water during the day. Such a strategy will prevent dehydration and make the urine less concentrated.

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