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Why has my Penis Gone Numb?

In case your sex organ has lost its usual sensitivity and you need a stronger stimulation to get an erection, one may speak about the penis numbness. There are several major reasons that may deprive you of the normal feelings in the sex organ:

  • Penile injury or spinal trauma;
  • Abnormally low testosterone levels;
  • Underlying health conditions.

No matter what has become the trigger for your problem, except for the numbness, you may also experience:

  • The feeling of cold in the penile area;
  • Tingling;
  • Changes in the color of the skin on the penis (it may become bluish);
  • Loss of sensitivity in the organ.

All these feelings may grow into erectile dysfunction as they are usually connected with worsening of the supply of blood to the pelvic organs or serious damage to the nerve tissue.

Numbness caused by injury or trauma

Penis traumatization may happen during sex or masturbation. Such incidents usually happen in case of excessively strong stimulation. Besides, a man may experience penile numbness after the use of a special pump aimed at causing an erection. Besides, the traumas of the backbone may also affect the condition of nerve endings and blood circulation in the penile area.

Except for some obvious injuries, men may develop reduced sensitivity of the penis as a result of wearing very tight pants. Besides, sitting in the same pose for a long time or even riding a bicycle may also cause problems. All these prevent an adequate supply of blood and lead to the numbness.

Hormonal imbalance

A male sexual function is fully dependent on the amounts of testosterone in the blood. In case there is a lack of this hormone, men can have low libido and decreased sensitivity of the sex organs. Gradually, low testosterone levels may grow into erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

What other health issues may cause penile numbness?

The diseases that may provoke numbness in the penile area are numerous:

  • High levels of glucose harm the blood vessels leading to the penile area thus worsening the supply of blood. In addition, they damage the nerve endings responsible for penile sensitivity.
  • The impact of increased blood pressure on the walls of the arteries may seriously harm them and result in the poor inflow of blood to the penis.
  • Prostate cancer. The tumor of the prostate may press the blood vessels and cause tingling and numbness of the male sex organ.

As you may see, this problem is very serious. That’s why you should better consult with a medical specialist in case you experience any unusual sensations in the penile area.

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